UNICT – Monitoring with drone

The team from the University of Catania, coordinated by Antonia Cristaudo, has launched a SEEDFORCE monitoring plan relating to the conservation of Silene hicesiae and Cytisus aeolicus in the islands of Alicudi and Panarea (Aeolian archipelago).

Integrated monitoring uses new methodologies, such as high-resolution aerial photogrammetric surveys from drones (3D models, orthophotos, DEM) for inaccessible areas, as well as classical sampling. The GIS analysis tools facilitate the achievement of the project objectives, such as the mapping/geolocation of the two target species, the definition of the effective distribution area of the species, the assessment of the number of individuals and the ecological characterization.

During the 5 years of the project, the University will carry out rigorous and cyclical surveys/monitoring campaigns of the sample sites, creating real open-air laboratories in which the variations/dynamics over time in terms of distribution, area occupied and state of conservation of the two target species by supporting the monitoring actions provided for by EU legislation.