Conference in Palena (CH)

Last Saturday 18 May the conference “The natural capital of secondary pastures: orchids, bees, men”, held at the Aventino theater in Palena, saw the participation of important speakers from the universities that work in various capacities with the Maiella Park (University of Studies in Naples, Perugia, L’Aquila, Pisa).

With an integrated approach, starting from the knowledge of orchids and explaining the meaning of their distribution and their delicate reproductive mechanisms, the speakers addressed the issue of the gradual and profound processes of abandonment of rural territories and of a significant decrease in the livestock heritage which – modifying semi-natural habitats – in fact also lead to the rarefaction of many biological entities of ecotonal bands. The conservation activities of the international LIFE SEEDFORCE project were also discussed in detail, of which the Maiella Park is a beneficiary partner: the reference species is the Himantoglossum adriaticum orchid, distributed in a fragmented manner in Mediterranean Europe.

In the Apennines its presence is put at risk by the abandonment of agro-silvo-pastoral activities, and therefore by the natural increase in forest vegetation to the detriment of secondary pastures and forest edges, habitats where it establishes itself. The activities for this species will allow the protection of populations even outside the Maiella National Park, and within the regional borders of Abruzzo.